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The profit of Landsbankinn in 2022 was ISK 17.0 billion after taxes, compared with ISK 28.9 billion in 2021. After-tax return on equity for 2022 was 6.3%, compared with 10.8% the previous year.

Profit (ISKbn)
Return on equity
Total capital ratio
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Landsbankinn’s funding rests on three main pillars: Deposits from customers, market funding and equity. The Bank’s credit rating by S&P Global Ratings is BBB/A-2 with stable outlook.

Risk management

Risk is inherent in Landsbankinn’s entire activity and robust, sound risk management is key to its operation. Risk management involves identification, assessment, disclosure and control of all risks.

Documents accompanying the Annual & Sustainability Report

All main documents accompanying the Annual & Sustainability Report, such as the Annual Financial Statements, the Fact Book, the Corporate Governance Statement, the Pillar III Risk Report, the GRI Index and Appendix, can be accessed from here.


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