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Governance and organisation

Sound and forward-looking bank

Trust is the Bank’s core value, a thread that runs through the entire operation, connecting customer relations and external partners to internal activities. Landsbankinn is forward-looking, under continuous development and with a focus on sustainability.

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Landsbankinn, an ever-smarter bank

Landsbankinn’s strategy is entitled “Landsbankinn, an ever-smarter bank”. The title is intended to reflect the Bank’s vision of continuous development and emphasis on personal banking service in a constantly changing world. Implementation of the strategy began in 2021. The strategy was revised towards the end of 2021 as we had achieved several goals ahead of schedule.


Good governance forms the foundation for solid relations between shareholders, the Board of Directors, executives, employees, customers and other stakeholders and encourages objectivity, integrity, transparency and responsibility in the management of the Bank. We comply with recognised guidelines on corporate governance and publish an annual governance statement with the Annual & Sustainability Report.

Hönnunarmars í Hörpu

Main news from 2022

Here you can find the main news on Landsbankinn's operations in 2022.

Helga Björk Eiríksdóttir, formaður bankaráðs

From the Chairman of the Board

"Landsbankinn’s performance in 2022 was good and the Bank achieved most of its targets. A clear strategy and focused work has led to a great influx in both retail and corporate customers, and the Bank’s market share in the retail marked has never measured higher."

Lilja Björk Einarsdóttir, bankastjóri

From the Chief Executive Officer

"Robust service to corporates and investors plus our highest share in the retail market yet - there are opportunities for further advancement in these conditions. We counter competition with good access to experienced employees, a great app and fair terms. That’s Landsbankinn, an ever-smarter bank."


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